Sunday Sailing | Mersea

We had a great windsurf last Sunday down at the Monkey Steps on Mersea. Initially the wind was a bit light cross offshore (NW) but as the tide came in and hit high the wind came through giving us some perfect flat water blasting. We were using an RRD Firestorm 120L and a Tushingham prototype 7.0m sail. Below are few pictures from the session.

A nice sequence of dave ripping a 360.

IMG_4988 IMG_4989 IMG_4991 IMG_4993 IMG_4994 IMG_4995 IMG_4996 IMG_4998 IMG_5002 IMG_5005

Also a few shots of Sam and Tom carve gybing.

IMG_5033 IMG_5035 IMG_5037 IMG_5039 IMG_5043 IMG_5048 IMG_5079 IMG_5082 IMG_5102 IMG_5103 IMG_5104 IMG_5105 IMG_5111 IMG_5113


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