Ski and Snowboard Servicing

Ski and snowboard servicing is so important to get the best performance from your equipment.

We pride ourselves on the service we offer to repair and maintain your skis or snowboards. With over 25 years of experience you can be assured that we will look after your equipment utilising all the latest servicing equipment too get your skis or snowboard looking new again.

It is a service that we offer all year round in our Colchester store, including  edge sharpening, base grinding, base repair, hot waxing and top sheet de-laminations.

What happens when you put your skis in for a service with us:

  • Full ski inspection by our technicians.
  • Base clean to remove any old wax and dirt/grit.
  • Belt grind to correct minor base damage.
  • Fill gouges in the base with p-tex.
  • Fine belt grind to achieve a smooth finish.
  • Sharpen and bevel edges.
  •  De-tune the edges to provide a smooth ride.
  • Heat up the ski/snowboard and apply hot wax for ultimate penetration, protection and finish.
  • Rub down and polish to ensure you equipment remains in pristine condition for your next ski trip.


Servicing starts from £20 up to £28 depending on the damage to the base of the ski/snowboard. Once you bring in your ski/snowboard in the store we can give you a quote.


We are usually able to turn skis/snowboards around in one week but depending on how busy it is we can usually get your equipment back to you with 3/4 days if needed at no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I remove my snowboard bindings when I bring my board in for a service?

If you are able to remove the bindings please do as this helps us out when we are busy. However, if you don’t know how we are always happy to do it in store for you!

Do I get a free service when I purchase skis or snowboard from you?

Yes you do! Whenever you buy a pair of skis or snowboard from us we will give you your first service free of charge.

Can we service snowboard with serrated edges?

There are multiple brands that use serrated edges on their boards and our way of servicing allows us to maintain any serrated edge profile.



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