8 Things Only Brits Do On A Ski Holiday

Every winter thousands of us travel to the Alps for a ski holiday or two and this got us thinking about things only British people do when they go skiing. From men pushing their partners too hard or struggling to use your GoPro, we have put together a list of classic things Brits do on the slopes.

Animal Onesies/Fancy Dress

This can actually be quite funny, but is it necessary to wear a zebra or superhero outfit when you are skiing? It’s something that us Brits love to do, whether it is for a stag do or just a standard day skiing. This is definitely something we don’t see other nationalities doing.


Stupid Headwear

Although most people are now wearing helmets, you still seem to see lots of Brits wearing some awful hats. It seems that when people go skiing fashion goes out the window, grown men wearing beanies with bells or a fleecy spikes, its just wrong!

Struggling To Use A GoPro

Brits love to use their GoPros, getting some great video of your kid snowploughing down a blue run. However some people find it particularly hard to use them! You can spot them a mile off making a huge scene at whether their GoPro is on and pointing in the right direction.


Men Pushing Their Partners

This is a very British thing, guys pushing their partners down a slope that it way above their ability. The classic scene is the women standing at the top of piste shaking because she is so scared while the man stands at the bottom yelling ‘come on, I’m not waiting all day’.

Also, men trying to teach their partners how to ski. If they need lessons then just let them go to ski school, you will have a better holiday and a lot less arguing. They probably don’t appreciate the patronising ski tips you have to offer.

Exaggerating Ski Ability

In a lot of cases Brits over estimate their ability, particularly in men.

Example 1: ‘I ski quite a lot of off piste’. Translation: I sometimes venture of the side of the piste round the piste marker then I immediately move back onto the run.

Example 2: ‘Yeah, I ski black runs all the time’. Translation: I’ve been down a black one once and side slipped down the side because it was too steep.

Skiing Drunk

This is something that we are very good at, heading to Après at 2pm and only leaving to ski down when the bar closes completely hammered.


Lack Of Spatial Awareness 

This is very British trait. Such as standing in front of the entrance to a lift, congregating  on the ridge blocking the run or maybe just stopping somewhere inappropriate just to check where you are on the piste map. Completely oblivious to the pile up ensuing behind.

Waiting For Your Friends In A Lift Queue 

You will be ok if you don’t get to sit next to your friends on the ski lift. There is no need to allow chairs going half empty.


Think we have missed any? Feel free to comment and add your thoughts.


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